Danny White

Danny getting ready to take the stage during Uncle Sam Jam.

                                                  Danny White

Danny White was going to be an electrical engineer. His Parents said it, his teachers said it, he said it, but as we all know after living awhile in this world "things change."

Danny grew up in an intercostal city. This is about as far south in Louisianan as you can go. He attended high school in Abbeville, La. and then went on to USL (now ULL) in Lafayette. Danny roomed with his cousin Dave Pierce who was majoring in acting and working at one of the major radio stations at that time. Danny did part-time work in radio at the same station. Bothe were studying their chosen majors and doing well but then something happened. Dave got an electric guitar for Christmas. Dave played it some but Danny was "smitten" (and still is). Now playing the guitar caused Danny to wonder how electrical engineering could be that much fun. As a result, he started his own band and left USL. A couple of years later Dave headed off to Hollywood to try his hand at acting and Danny tried his hand at college again. This time in Natchitoches at Northwestern State and his major was radio. He also found a 7 piece band called "The Rhythm Dukes" who just happened to need a lead guitar player. Once again Danny's roommate helped him get a radio job. His name was Jim Hawthorne from Anacoco. Who is now known as "The Voice of The LSU Tigers." They became very good friends. Danny was the best man for Jim's wedding and Jim did the same for Danny. This brings us to how Danny White arrived in Central Louisiana. 

He met Gloria Smith from Tioga in Physics class. They were married and after 3 years at NSU and then they moved back to Central Louisiana. Danny's first radio job in Cenla was at KSYL. Of Course singing and guitar picking was in the picture quite a bit. Besides playing in the Alexandria-Pineville area, Danny spent about 6 mouths in Las Vegas with Jay Chevalier and the Louisiana Longshots. Danny worked at KPAL in Pineville which was the first full time country station in Cenla, and from there he went to KRRV where he has been for over 20 years (with the exception of 4 years). At that time he was at KREH in Oakdale with Carol Skaggs and then KAPB in Marksville with his good friend Winky. Down through the years Danny has played with many Louisiana stars such as Jay Chevalier, JR Basco, Clint West, Tommy McClain and Burton Gaar. For 12 years “Danny White and White Lighting” have been a fixture here in Cenla along with “Roy Chaffin and The Bayou Boogie Band”, “The Knight Train Band”, and “The Bernie Alan Band”. Danny played guitar backing up such single acts like Rod Bernard, Warren Storm, Little Bob, TK Hulin, and Charles Mann. Danny is currently playing and singing in “The Bernie Alan Band.” Danny lives in Pineville with his wife Gloria. They are very proud of their children and grandchildren.

Danny loves to tell about some of the DJ’s he has worked with throughout the years. Characters like Hollywood Harrison, Uncle Larry, Dave Gracien, Scott Bryant, Winky, Steve Casey, Rick Stevens, Dave Pierce, Jim Hawthorne, Rich Joyce, Pat Cloud, and Lovely Patricia. Now this brings us to the one and only “The Ole J-Bird” (Jerry Jones). J-Bird had his own take on the weather, on playing music, his listeners, and had a voice you’d recognize. 

J-Bird and Lovely held a large percentage of the listening audience from 5am to 9am and Danny kept them on till 1pm. Then there was “Oakie frim Tiogy” which Danny and J-Bird recorded together in 1985 and till this day we still get tons of request for that song.

In 1997 Danny was inducted into the Louisiana Hall of fame fro Radio. He was again inducted in 2000 with “Jay Chevalier and The Louisiana Longshots”

You can hear Danny on KRRV overnight from 12am-6am. Also on Saturday Mornings from 6am-12pm, and if you love classic country catch Danny on Sunday mornings from 6am-12pm for what Danny would say “Have Yourself A Solid Gold Sunday”.

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